During the 2017 Google I/O festival, the search engine giant introduced Kotlin support for Android. In 2017, Kotlin v1.2 was out. The next version was out on October 29th of 2018 and brought coroutines in order for asynchronous coding. In 2019, the search engine giant Google made an announcement that Kotlin is its most preferred language for app developers of Android.

According to Andrey Breslav, Kotlin is a great object-oriented language, which has industrial-strength. Also, it is better than Java and can be interoperated with Java code, which allows many companies to migrate to Java gradually. Semicolons are not mandatory to terminate a statement. Usually, a new line is enough to end the statement. The parameter lists and variable declarations allow putting the data type after the name of the variable just like TypeScript and Pascal. Variables can be immutable, mutable or declared with the var or val keyword. By default, the class members are open to the public and they are also final. It means that you can’t create a derived class.


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